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Pačejov organizers are preparing a revolutionary innovation in spectator service

For this year's 45th anniversary edition of INVELT RALLY PAČEJOV, the organizers are preparing innovations that will respond to the expected changes in climatic conditions. The organisers of this prestigious rally, which held from 20 to 22 September, are coming up with a novelty - special spectator areas designed for snowmobiles.

Miroslav Žitník, deputy CoC of INVELT RALLY PAČEJOV, said, "In view of the current forecasts of climate experts, which indicate more frequent fluctuations of polar vortices, we have decided for this innovation. It looks like it will be increasingly likely that winter weather will continue to occur in the southwest of the Czech Republic during September. Therefore, we want to ensure not only safe but also comfortable conditions for spectators who want to watch the competition from snowmobiles." 

This initiative opens up new rally-watching opportunities for fans who want to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled experience on the ground where they can't get to in a private vehicle. Special spectator areas will allow for an ideal view of the vehicle passes in the challenging passages. Like the classic spectator areas, these will be free of charge. The organisers know that being a rally spectator is not a cheap affair, so every year they try not to make the experience more expensive for spectators.

INVELT RALLY PAČEJOV attracts not only experienced competitors, but also spectators from all over the Czech Republic and is one of the most important motorsport events in the region. By introducing this novelty, the organisers are demonstrating their ability to adapt to new conditions while providing innovative experiences for their fans.

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